Based on 36 months term, £1,000 deposit and 10,000 miles/year.


We have recently invested in a state-of-the-art customisation facility, where we will soon be running our Verve Edition vehicle service, allowing you to build or modify your car according to your unique requirements.

New cars

Working with our expert team, you’ll be able to build a new car to your specification preferences. You can specify vehicle colour, window tints, wheels, trim, interiors and opt for black pack conversions.

Our design and customisation team will be happy to cater to your every need, crafting your unique vision and providing tips and recommendations where required. Depending on your choices, the service will take between four and six weeks from the point of order.

Verve - Customisation - New Cars

Current Cars

As part of our after-sale service, you’ll be able to modify your current Verve vehicle. As with our new car customisation, you’ll be able to alter the colour, window tint, wheels, trim and accessories, as well as opting for a black pack conversion.

Coming soon, the Verve Edition service is the ideal way to put your own stamp on a standard car, or breathe new life into an older model.

Verve - Customisation - Current Cars
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